Or Michael

Or Michael Association was established by Orit Mark Ettinger, who lost her Father, Michael Mark in a terror shooting attack in the summer of 2016. Orit decided that she wants to keep the light of her Father, who passed away in a brutal way .To light all the dark places with his light. There is over than 900 volunteers in Or Michael. They are going to most of the hospitals in all over the country, they go into different wards in the hospital with musical instruments, songs, surprises and lots of things that can help to forget the pain for a few moments and replace it with happiness, hope, love and care.

Michael Michi Mark (HYD)

He was 46 years old when he was murdered. He was a loving family guy, knew to accept everyone just the way they are and give them the feeling they are loved and dear to him. He was an honest, loyal and visionary man who never stopped working. He did lots of great kindness, helping others and contribution for the whole society. He also managed the "Hesder" yeshiva in Otnie land he knew how to combine between the worlds. He always had high ambitions and succeeded in making all his dreams come true. His life's work was to light everything and make the world to a better place. He was murdered in the summer, at 25th of Sivan, 5776 (1st July on 2,016), by terrorists in a terror shooting attack in Route 60 (highway 60), in the south of Mount Hebron. His wife and children were also in the car and were injured as well. In his death he commanded us life of doing good and keeping his big light - "To Be Better"

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Hospitals: Schneider, HaSharon , Hadassah Ein Kerem, Hadassah Mt. Scopus, Shaare Zedek, Meir, Assaf HaRofeh, Tel HaShomer, Hillel Yafe, Assuta, Ziv, Ichilov, Rambam, Poriya , Nahariya, HaEmek, Soroka, Barzilai, Laniado, Kaplan, Wolfson.

Our team

Orit Mark Etinger Founder and CEO
Shlomtsion Shirazi Resource Recruitment
Oren Itzhakov Webmaster
Sagi Vinogard Board member
Moriya Cohen Volunteers Manager
Maymon Ben David Bookkeeper
Tehila Bat Graphic Designer
Matanya Cohen Board member
Yehonatan Avidani Board member
  • "Every month I'm waiting for our volunteering, I get new strengths, I feel that I'm living the joy, the help, the recognition we get every time. After school, when we are exhausted and want to sleep, we go to "Or Michael", suddenly we are not tired anymore and we get new energy, we get powers that no one ever had, powers of helping and volunteering. There are people that always in the Hospitals with endless pain and suffer all the time, but then our association "Or Michael" comes. An amazing project that makes the patients move in their beds with joy, clap their hands and laugh, and for those that it is difficult for them to move, they smile at us or their faces express a lot of good. This kind of things give us the powers, love for these people, a huge connection to these people and with the good Lord's help we succeed to make the other people around us happy." — Emunah Ariel ("Or Michael" volunteer)

  • We saw a 3 years old girl sitting with her parents and we went to her, we gave her a surprise bag and sang her a song. I offered her to dance with me and her mom said that she doesn't feel good enough to dance. While her mother was talking, her daughter got up on her feet and wanted me to pick her up! I picked her up and we danced with her and sang to her. Her parents were shocked that their daughter got up, danced, sang and was happy. It was an incredible moment for me. —Dafna Mizrahi ("Or Michael" volunteer)

  • It was really satisfying to watch how people (in all ages) that sad and deeply depressed can become happy people with a smile that lights up all the room, I have no doubt that this kind of feeling I have not felt it in a long time. I want to thank to Orit Mark of creating this amazing project. And I want to thank God that although we had tough times, with all the uncomfortable situations that we see people in them and sometimes we are not in the mood in that day, we still keep succeeding in making the patients in the hospitals happy and make the endless happiness and joy. —Avi Ariel ("Or Michael" volunteer)

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